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Unique Content in German

Unique Content Definition - What is Unique Content?

Unique content means that text, image or video may only exist once on the entire web. It applies to the content as a whole as well as to every single part of it.
The content has also to be significant. It means, it should provide value to users, for example, by providing new, important information.

Unique Content in German for Ranking - Why Search Engines need Unique Content?

Unique content is very important for SEO ranking because search engines use unique content to compare and to rank websites.
It happens in three steps:
Web Crawler download content

Google, Bing and other search engines use crawlers (also called spiders or bots). Those are programs that visit websites automatically. They follow the links and read the information on the pages. The data obtained are used to develop a search engine index.

The software compares the pages

Once the crawlers have found new pages, the pages are indexed. The software compares the content then with other websites from the same subject.

The pages get a position in the search results

The software uses a ranking score. If the website presents unique, relevant content, then it appears high in the search results.

Why is a high ranking so important?

The statistics are clear. On German market a company loses 99% of its visitors when it appears on the second page of google search results.

Because of that a good ranking is essential for high number of visitors. More visitors means more customers. More customers inevitably increase the profit growth.

So you need unique content on your website to be successful on the German as well as on the international market.

Unique Content in German for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Why SEO needs Unique Content?

Google & Co. do not only find out whether the published content is unique. They also identify the quality of the content.

To do so, the search engines check:

Visitor Number

The visitor number is the count of visitors on the website. A high visitor number indicates a relevant content. This makes the number an important benchmark for the ranking.
You can increase the number of visitors. Get people’s attention. You can use social media to do so. Newsletters are also a good idea.

Session Duration

Session duration is the time frame a visitor stays on the website. A long session duration speaks for relevant, high-quality relevant content and increases so your website ranking.
Publish new posts on a regular basis. This way you not only create new landing pages. You also provide your visitors with additional information. This extends the session duration.

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave the website right after accessing it. If the proportion is high, it affects the ranking, because it means that the users did not find the information they expected.
You can lower the bounce rate. To do so, please make sure that your visitors can find the relevant, unique content easily. Check whether your website design is user-friendly. Did you make it simple für your visitors to find what they are looking for? As soon as you managed to achieve that, the bonce rate will go down.

Returning Visitors

Returning visitors mean that the content quality on the website convinced them. This increases the ranking.
Technically, however, the statistics have their weaknesses. The software can only track those visitors who accept cookies and access the website from the same device again. If cookies are subsequently deleted, visitors will no longer be recognized either.
Present yourself as an expert in your field. Your knowledge creates trust and trust lets your visitors come back to you.

Text Readability

Yes, Google and other search engines recognize whether the text is easy to read and to understand. The search engines use special algorithms to assess the sentence and word length as well as the sentence and text structure. If the content is considered as easy to read, it gets a higher ranking. So the readability is an important SEO benchmark.
Improve the readability of your texts. To do so, you don´t need to write them again. A good revision is mostly enough to get a better position in search results.

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Unique Content for Customers - Why Your Customers need Unique Content in German?

SEO is very important in the digital world. Ultimately, however, the content is intended for the customers. It has to attract the customer, to appeal to him and to move him.

Customers benefit from unique content because they can:

Find the products

No customer wants to search long. Because of that the customers need unique content bringing good ranking to find the products and services they looking for, easily.
Invest in unique content and help your customers to find your products promptly.

Get Important Information

Information is the first thing a potential customer is looking for. If the company answers the usual questions competently and comprehensively, it can win good, loyal customers.
Show your visitors what makes your products special, different from others on the market. Present the benefits, highlight the unique selling propositions (USP) and offer the visitors the background information. Blog posts, for example, are a good medium to do so. A blog is also very useful for search engine optimization.

Build Trust

Unique content demonstrates competence. Competence creates trust. The trust generates customer loyalty. This results in lucrative, long-term business relationships.
Build trust. Show your expertise with high-quality blog posts, a structured knowledge page, or a well-maintained Question and Answer Site.

Make Decisions

Unique content helps the customer to make a decision. This is a very important step, because only after the decision is made, it comes to purchasing.
Support your customers in their decision-making. Offer them an appealing design with meaningful images and informative product descriptions.

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Unique Content für die Kunden

Unique content for Business - Why Your Company needs Unique Content in German?

Unique content is good for business.

A company benefits from unique content, getting:

Brand Awareness

The more content is related to a company, the more often the name of the company appears in the organic search. Presented to the target group it creates the power of recognition, developing valuable brand awareness.
Publish new content regularly. Establishing a brand can take a while. But it is worth every minute ever invested.

Brand Loyalty

Brand awareness leads to brand loyalty. Brand loyalty brings the company a secure sales volume on the market for a long time.
Establish your brand. Show your customers a constant presence. This means the regular publication of up-to-date content. This can be news about new products, blog posts on topics related to the area of competence or press releases about your company.

New Markets

With unique content, the company not just reaches a target group. It reaches people. Those people can come from anywhere. This way the company can win customers offside of the original target group, developing new markets for its products.
Use different keywords during SEO. People use different words when they search online, so even unusual combinations often lead to positive results. Let this be an advantage for you.

Qualified Employees

Not only customers use search engines. So do people looking for a career change. Most of the highly qualified candidates research the company before applying. Because of that unique content is also important in the recruitment process. It shows the value and the potential of the company as a future employer.
Let your candidates see what makes your company special. Why are you doing what you are doing? What are your goals? What are your expectations? Present this information not only on your website. Build a good self-portrayal in your job advertisement. A positive self-presentation combined with a clear candidate profile will help you to find the right person for the job.

International Market

The internet is global. Customers, partners and employees can be based anywhere in the world. A company can benefit from it.
Publish your content in different languages. For Germany, Austria and Switzerland (the so called DACH region) German is the right choice. This gives you a good access to the strong European market.

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Duplicate Content in German - What are the consequences of plagiarism?

The search engines do not tolerate plagiarism.
If search engines find content that – even just in sections – has already been published on other sites, the pages with duplicate content will be excluded from the search results. It means that the website will no longer be displayed in the search.
But that is only one part of the problem. Aside from SEO, plagiarism can, of course, also have legal consequences. This happens when the rights holder sues against the third-party use of his content. He can do that, because his position is protected by national and international copyright law.

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Unique Content in German Price - How much costs a text?

You get Unique Content in German for €65 per hour.
Alternatively, we also offer a fixed price model.
Please contact us for a cost estimate below:

Unique Content in German - Who owns the usage and publication rights?

You will receive complete, exclusive rights of use and publication for all content you purchase.